Past Editions

Humanity may not be hard-wired for success

Engineers and scientists are working on rapidly evolving AI technologies with sometimes little or no oversight. Where are these technocrats taking us, asks James Fitzgerald….

When reality bites

Is Prime Minister Theresa May resigned to Customs Union membership for the UK after Brexit? Murray Ritchie suspects the answer is ‘yes’. First it was…

Shifting sands of scientific progress

The economic, commercial and geo-political status of nations is derived from their scientific and technological prowess. A new report charts how this balance of power…

Nitrate: there’s something in the water

The United Kingdom’s four nations have the highest river nitrate concentrations in Europe. The European Environment Agency is demanding change, writes James Fitzgerald. The UK’s…

Is the UK heading for a general election?

To the dismay of Brexiteers a hard-left Labour leader now appears more in tune with the business establishment than the splintered Tories, writes Murray Ritchie….