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 Business brings to society its innovations, employment, training and future prosperity
 Society provides business with customers, great ideas, partners and protection
 Business needs society, society needs business and Chief-Exec.com  works for both


As we enter a new decade, Chief-Exec.com will continue to bring news and analysis for leaders of organisations, the public sector and private enterprise – large and small.

We will report our news, edited as “BITES”, to be consumed on the move. They summarise the key issues of the day. Our specially commissioned articles offer analyses which we believe are important to address key global challenges: the shifting sands of international commerce, the changing climate, ageing populations, increasing inequality.

It is evident that years of uncertainty lie ahead and that the increasing power of social networks, together with the 24/7 news cycle, feeds this anxiety. A considered evaluation of events with an added-value balanced commentary is needed. Chief-Exec.com aims to provide this service. It offers reliable information to enable leaders to recognise and respond to events that may determine the future of their enterprise.

We are a team of senior independent writers with many years’ experience in business and journalism, and our content will remain independent of investment and commercial sponsorship. Potential conflicts of interests will be clearly highlighted.

Perfect truth may be an impossible ideal – for there are many ways to interpret the same data – but we believe that striving for veracity is essential in a world where imperfect information can be dangerous. This will continue to be our goal.

Chief-Exec.com – Making Information Valuable

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We have no specific job vacancies at the moment. When we do they will be listed here. However, we are always interested in ideas for publication and potential contributors are invited to contact us.


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