The science of Brexit behaviour

It became clear last week that not only was the political world turned upside down, but so also was the way it was analysed and reported. In particular, polling predictions were yet again seriously off the mark. At we reported on how this was no longer an isolated incident, but showed signs of becoming a chain reaction spreading through the democratic world.

Has the Arab spring been followed by a Brexit autumn?

The uncertainty of the political world is spreading to business and the lives of individuals. Markets are jumpy and nobody can foresee how current events will unfold.

On this week’s front page we bring together a series of articles from our writers to see what is happening through the prism of behavioural science, and the soft skills of coaching this behaviour. They are perspectives that could be valuable to businesses and people going forward.

The articles associated with today’s editorial are:-

The psychology of government by Geoff Kitney

Political regret you just have to live with by Geoff Kitney

All in it together – some of the time! by David Rawlings